Michele's Family Album

While Michele worked on her dancing.

Jeff had other ideas

1956 was an interesting year..

for both of us.

A little kanaka..

and a mermaid.


the Vietnam years.

Getting to know each other..

was exhausting.

But not without its rewards...

and a lot of fun.

Looking to the future...

and contemplating the past.

A Spring wedding...

and 108 in the shade!

A good day..

Remember me??

A Honeymoon in the Peace Corps..

and the adventure begins.

We begin our professional careers..

and a life of travel.

First stop, Reedsport..

and a day at the beach.

A return to Hawaii..

and we fell in love with it.

One last adventure..

then a return to Oregon.

A few more years in Hawaii..

then back to Oregon.

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