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Thank you for stopping by Media Design's Web Indexes. I created these indexes to provide the public with useful lists of resources on a variety of subjects that interest me. I attempt to keep them updated as much as possible, but greatly appreciate being notified if any of the URLs (links) have changed or no longer work.

In 1980 I started a little print and non-print design and project management company called Media Design. Since then I have produced health education, public relations and educational materials for a wide variety of clients across the US. My current focus is on web page design and maintenence services.

In 1982 I bought my first personal computer—an Osborne 1. I became an early member of FOG—the Friends of Osborne User Group—with whom I shared the joys and frustrations of programming these great little machines. My next computer was the not-much-bigger Kaypro II. This was succeeded by a series of IBM clones followed by a series of self-built towers. With the current market I now use primarily Dell (Vestro) PCs for my network computers.

My experience includes health care, computer and internet education, writing, editing, researching, curriculum development, project management, web presence development and resource design. My little company is located in the Pacific Northwest. Please drop me a line if you have any questions, would like to notify me of a disfunctional URL (link) on any of my lists, or would like to learn more about what I can do for you.


Michele, Media Design

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Click here to find information about the Portland Metro area. (Updated 1 December 2017)

Here are some links to pages I created...

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